Where would you chill out - A Tea Party or a LAN Party?

April 1, 2008

A Tea Party or a LAN Party

Where would you chill out A Tea Party or a LAN Party?

Yes, that is the choice that you need to make between a gossip over current events, or discussing about your next door “hot” neighbor or whether you want to settle down with your PC, set up a LAN and play some multiplayer games.

LAN parties are the Holy Grail for gamers.
They allow a large group of players to get together and frag each other into the wee hours of the morning and for gamers there can be nothing better.
While there are the staple games of Quake, Unreal, and Counterstrike, a large variety of games keep the party interesting.
LAN party events differ significantly from gaming centers and Internet cafes in that they are generally bring your own computer (BYOC) and are not permanent installations, often taking place in general meeting places or residences.
LAN party attendees tend to be more experienced gamers, as the setup required turns most casual gamers away.

LAN parties started off with single player Unix games like Larn, Hack, Rogue, and Hunt the Wumpus that kept scoreboards on a centralized server.
At this point the majority of the people playing these games were university students who had access to such systems for schoolwork.
Later this thing evolved into multiplayer games which could be played over the lan.
The setup requires a server in most cases with a simple lan setup with couple of Ethernet network interface Cards(NIC) on the server which could connect to the end machines.
Small LAN parties which are usually small group of fellow gamers playing a certain game at their premises can replace the servers with one of their machines.
Small LANs could work like that. But for big commercial LAN parties like the professionally hosted tournaments for StarCraft, Quake III, Call of Duty 2, WarCraft III, Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, America's Army, Battlefield 2 and the Doom series, the arrangement has to be full proof.
In these cases they use a network of servers all of which make up a server net, they also need somehting called a Storage Area Network(SAN) to dump all data and keep them synchronised though out the servers.
To avoid disk crashes, which could mean nulling out several players, usually some disk arrays with proper redundancy setups like RAID are also used.
Actually a major customer of the SAN and disk array industry are the LAN parties, or in general games which require central servers.

Big LAN parties often offer a quiet place to sleep, shower, and eat, as well as hired security, alternative entertainment like music, and a dedicated support crew, as well as a professionally managed network including a connection to the Internet.
They often last for a complete weekend. With a wide variety of ‘off the course’ amusements like food, music, the experience of Large LAN parties are unforgettable.
After all if you are a geek, you would love to go somewhere you find a bunch of geeks fighting for their share of the cake.