They call it - The Machine

April 1, 2008

They call it - The Machine

They call it - The Machine.

The machine “computer” arouses a sense of enigma among many literate people all across the globe, even today.
Mr. Rolland bought his son a Computer because he thought that his son would take interest in learning the nitty-gritty of the machine.
One evening he makes his way to his son’s room only to find him playing a game, which frustrates him and he switches off the computer and he grounds his son for a week.

Little did he know that his son was trying out his hand at something that has taken the whole world by storm since it was first conceived in 1958 as a past-time tryout by Higinbotham.
Today PC gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood in all respects.
The first games that came out in 70s were very simple like bouncing a ball with a bat, which gradually evolved, to today’s graphics rich games that can easily fool an amateur observer into believing that a movie is in progress.
Developing games used to be a passion of a few people in their past-time has today become an organized industry with thousands of people dedicated solely to developing games.
Likewise has changed the gamer.
Today there are professional gamers who travel round the globe participating in big-ticket tournaments with millions of dollars up for grabs.

But all of Mr. Rolland’s concerns are not unfounded.
PC gaming is an addiction. Once an individual is captivated by it’s charm, it is very difficult to relieve oneself from the shackles of gaming.
It was back in the days of high school that I was taken prisoner by PC games into its world of overwhelming addiction.
I got a PC game cd-rom by mistake of the retailer who was supposed to sell me a music CD. Coming home I tried to play it on our Music system but it wouldn’t work.
I called up my friend who advised me to try the CD on my PC. To my disbelief I found out that it was a game CD and there I cursed the retailer for selling me a “spurious” product.
But, I went ahead and tried my hand at that game.
What followed was addiction at first sight. Today I am an avid gamer who cancels dates and puts off academics just to play games hours on end.

But gaming is not all monkey business. It has got some very serious applications in counter-insurgency, military command and control, flight training and exploration.
The US military uses PC games to train its commanders in making command decisions during combat.
Flight schools and many air forces of the world uses flight simulators as a trainer.
Tragically a computer game largely helped in the attack on the World Trade Center. The bombers used the Microsoft Flight Simulator game to train themselves in flying a plane. For a couple of years thereafter this very game was banned.
If you are used to gaming then u can also try out your hand in becoming a commander using this game that the US military uses to train its commanders: Future Force Company Commander (F2C2).

If you still haven’t tried out your hand at gaming then it is high time you did so for beginners I would suggest you try your hand at some easy but great game like Half-Life, Age of Mythology, Civilization or Need for Speed.
All these games belong to different genres. See which form of PC game you liked.
You will surely see a vast empire to explore in every genre.
If you have already got underway , next time I am certain to find you putting off your work and playing games!