The Age of Computer Games

April 1, 2008

The age of computer games

The Age of Computer Games.

Gone are the days when people could think only of the heavy physical activities when the word game crossed their minds.
That is now the tale of the past. If we talk about the present modern age, the very word game has cast a totally different scenario the in the minds of people.
One of the main reasons for the drastic difference of the mindsets of the people is the abundance and the usage of computers in this modern age which are attributed for the life style the people today would prefer.
Now days we can see children as well as adults indulging in computer games.

A game is all about excitement and somebody who is not into computer gaming may wonder thinking what excitement one can get clinging to the small screen.
The computer games have been designed in such a way that the gamers will be provided with all kind of excitement that they can possibly be looking for.
As an example, in a bike racing game the gamer has to concentrate not only on the speed he is riding the his bike in the game but also on the racing track.
He has to be so much into the game as if he is riding a real bike in a real game.
The game will provide the thrill a real bike racer experiences in the real racing track.
A computer game is nothing but a mind game. To win a game one has to acquire the skill and the know-how of the game.
There will be always hindrances and dangers in a game and the gamer has to be able to make anticipations about the situation he will be facing.
He has to develop the capability to think fast and make the quick move.
All these are the factors, which constitute the excitements of a game.
The designers of computer games have to keep these factors in their minds while designing a game.

Computer games have reserved a sizable place in the mainstream of today’s business enterprises.
There has been tremendous demand of computer games in the market and the companies dealing with the computer games are giving cut throat competitions to one another.
Gaming has been taken to such a phenomenon that many movies have been made based on the characters and the stories of the computer games and many of them turned out to be big earners.

Finally, this is in fact the age of computer gaming. You might not accept it, but you will have to live with it because computer gaming is here to stay.
Today, the idea of gaming is beyond just the game itself. It involves the creation of a different artificial space where people will not feel alienated, and will want to be a part of the checkered space.
A space, which is virtual, but is powerful enough to evoke emotions in man- that is what games are all about.