Careers in the Gaming Industry

You must have come across Mark Cerny, the creator of Marble Madness and founder of Cerny Games driving a Ferrari while you have seen Yu Suzuki, the Sega Legend in a Ferrari as well,... Read the story »

The age of Computer Games

Gone are the days when people could think only of the heavy physical activities when the word game crossed their minds. That is now the tale of the past. If we talk about the present modern age, the very word game has cast a totally different scenario the in the minds of people.... Read the story »

Chilling out! A Tea Party or a LAN Party?

Yes, that is the choice that you need to make, between gossip over current events, discussing your “hot” neighbor next door or whether you want to settle down with your PC, set up a LAN and play some multiplayer games... Read the story »

Tools to write 3d Graphics and Legacy Games

Writing 3d graphics games and legacy games are 2 distinct tasks. While graphics games requires some knowledge of graphics driver APIs some high level helper 3d engines and their layout of helper classes, legacy games can be written with a very simple user interface in languages like C++, java with a well thought gaming algorithm at the back end.... Read the story »

Strategy games and Gaming Algorithms

Algorithms are one of the most important aspects of programming logic in general. Intelligent or adaptive algorithms form a new genre in the history of algorithms.... Read the story »

Do courses in gaming supplement experience

Playing games has been a luxury where seconds reap dollars. And being in that world, studying about games, making games ones career is not quite a foolish thought, it seems.... Read the story »

Computer Games and Health Problems

Computer games are a source of fun and excitement for many people across the globe in the present modern age. Computer game-play is a very popular pastime for many people and this section of people includes both the children and adults..... Read the story »

Computer games and young minds

Computer games have become a big part of many children’s lives that this has become a modern day phenomenon. This topic has been much studied in recent years, and there is growing body of opinion that many computer games have detrimental effect .... Read the story »

Finding programmable logic within legacy games

It is not a wonder that today even a kid of 5 years is quite accustomed to high end, graphics rich computer games. But the population of people programming those games is not quite high as compared to other industries..... Read the story »

How to go about writing a Real Time Strategy Game

If we are talking about strategy games, Age Of Empires, Age Of Mythology and Games line Rise Of Nations are our main choices. The role of the gamer is like the omnipotent and omnipresent individual looking over on top of things... Read the story »

They call it - The Machine

The machine “computer” arouses a sense of enigma among many literate people all across the globe, even today. Mr. Rolland bought his son a Computer because he thought that his son would take interest in learning the nitty-gritty of the machine. One evening he makes his way to his son’s room only to find him playing a game...... Read the story »

Building a Custom Gaming Laptop

Gone are the days when you would have been chortled at if you strolled into a for the night LAN party hauling your trustworthy laptop and anticipating to suspend with the huge computer towers footing at everyone person’s feet. The gaming laptop computers of these days sport huge, crunchy LCD screens... Read the story »

Guide to buying a gaming desktop

What type of desktop will it seize to obtain the mainly predictable games? If you cover bottomless pockets, your respond could be a -specially made sizzling bar from a privileged store PC maker for example Alien ware, Falcon Northwest, or Voodoo Computers. ... Read the story »

Online Games Relieve your Stress

Whether you are at school, university or employment – pressure is unavoidable. This is an indisputable realism, and can be harmful to your wellbeing. How can it influence your health, you inquire? Apprehension alone is recognized ... Read the story »

Online Gaming – Motivational in many ways

Online Gaming is not just on the subject of returns, obsession, gamers, etc. A game being an appearance of knowledge, increasing educational standards, developing technology ... Read the story »

Online Gaming: The Basics

The recognition of digital gaming be it Adventure, Super Mario, Ping-Pong and other playoffs that are flashed-based or particularly multi-player online role-playing games that can be participated for without charge ... Read the story »

The Mobile Game Play Revolution

Playing games has at all times been a preferred amusement for youngsters and even grown-up persons alike, and online games are true up there with the greatest of America's crazes.... Read the story »

Tips for playing action games online

The field of the battle game can be pretty provoking to play online. This is for the reason that nearly all people sense like they must be able to play it... Read the story »

Today’s Free Online Games

Online games which are free are the newest trend amongst the young people of today's age band. Exactly from a little kid to a grown-up... Read the story »

Tricks to Finishing your Game

PC games burst through passes on to a definite structure of documents that are utilized to educate a gamer on how to resolve or strike a particular computer game.... Read the story »