Computer games and young minds

April 1, 2008

Computer games and young minds

Computer games and young minds.

Computer games have become a big part of many children’s lives that this has become a modern day phenomenon.
This topic has been much studied in recent years, and there is growing body of opinion that many computer games have detrimental effect on children, observing the behavior exhibited by the juveniles in the last decade.

The games have been designed in such a way that the game-play can be very engaging addictive and the graphics are very advanced, often depicting violence and gore.
Its great sphere of influence has grown through the years, with new and different ideas forming with each changing moment.

Computer games can be classified into several categories: Fantasy and human violence, sports, general entertainments, educational games, etc.
If we look at the popularity of the games we observe that young people as a whole tend to go for violent games above more benign ones.
An article in Psychology Digest suggested that it is the interactive nature of the computer games that helps to desensitize the juvenile attitude to violence.

Furthermore, if the children are spending a lot of time engaging to the virtual world, they can have problems with social interactions in the long run and it can become harder for them to engage in more traditional play.
On the other hand, physical problems can also be another detrimental factor of spending long hours with computer.
Apart from this, there can be sight deterioration problems due to intensive use of eyes for long hours every day.
Some of the health risks of computer gaming are muscle and joint pains, obesity, eyestrain etc.

The computer gaming business forms an integral portion of the entertainment industry.
A rather young establishment, the computer gaming community must consider many moral issues when releasing the products in the consumer market.

The parents also have the responsibility to have a check on their children’s gaming habits.
They should not let their children engage to the game-play for long hours everyday.
Otherwise, the consequential results can be unfavorable which may either be one or more of the above mentioned psychological or health problems or some other problems, which may be even worse than the mentioned ones.
Thus, the parents should consider the health and moral issues.
Lastly, the parents are to make sure that their children are not being subjected to the obsession of the gaming habit.