Computer games and health problems

April 1, 2008

computer games and health problems

Computer games and health problems.

Computer games are a source of fun and excitement for many people across the globe in the present modern age.
Computer game-play is a very popular pastime for many people and this section of people includes both the children and adults.
For those who are addicted to games, the game-play is a big part of their lives.
They spend a lot of time engaging to the world in the computer screen everyday.

The computer games have been designed in such a very interactive way that it can be very engaging and addictive.
The graphics used are very advanced and that looks so real that it can be very interactive and time consuming.
No doubt, the games are a big source of fun and excitements but engaging to the virtual world for long hours everyday can introduce the gamers to many health and moral problems.
I would like to stress importance to the problems relating to health.

Keeping the engaging, addictive and time consuming nature of the game-play in view, researchers believe that the sedentary nature of playing electronic games could increase the risk of developing muscle and joint problems such as back and neck pains.
There is an always-high possibility that the gamers can also be introduced to other problems like obesity, headache, overuse injuries of hands etc.
The intensive use of eyes for long hours everyday can increase the risk of developing eyestrain as well.
The range of the health problems includes:

(1) Overuse injuries of hands
(2) Muscle and joint problems
(3) Obesity
(4) Headache
(5) Deterioration of sight
(6) Photosensitive epileptic seizures (rarely).

The above mentioned health problems are the highly possible most commonly reported consequential results of spending a lot of time on game playing on a regular basis.
In case the problems have happened, one must a Doctor or Physiotherapist according to the nature of the pain or problem.
It should be strongly recommended that consideration have to be given at the first instance of knowledge of the problem.
Keeping these health problems in mind, I would like to make a mention about some precautionary measures, which can reduce the risks.

Firstly, a sensible time limit has to be drawn on the computer game playing.
Secondly, regular breaks should be taken during the games.
Thirdly, the gamers should make enough time for themselves to engage in some physical activities everyday.
In short, the gamers must consider the addictive and time consuming and sedentary nature of the computer games.
These precautions will help the gamers to reduce the risks of developing the game playing related health problems.